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Keep your home a comfortable temperature with these energy-efficient shades. Solar shades, also known as roller shades, add a layer of sun-blocking insulation to windows while shading rooms. In addition to keeping heat out (or in, during the cooler months), these shades can block UV rays, keeping art and furniture safe from fading, as well as eliminating glare while still allowing some natural light in.

2017_DRS_Custom Clutch_Manchester_Bedroom
2016_DU_UG_Opalessence_Hardware Detail


These shades are a beautiful, practical window treatment that still allows natural light to filter through. Cellular shades are quick and convenient -just push up from the bottom or pull down from the top to open and close. No cords and no hassle make this window treatment perfect for a home with kids or families on the go!



Set the tone with professional window covering for your commercial building. With custom shapes, styles and colors, our team will be able to match your existing interior and help bring your vision to life.

2015_EW_UG_Faux Wood_Living Room


Blinds are among the most versatile window treatments. From vertical blinds to cordless wood blinds, there are many options to choose from. Whether you're going for a timeless, classic look or something more modern and unique, the team at Best Blinds can help you find the right fit.


Add depth to a room, a pop of color or a slice of character with window sheers. These versatile window treatments can pull double duty, being both useful and beautiful. Window sheers can block some or all of the light entering a room, making them perfect for anything from a breezy entryway to a nursery. With a variety of styles, colors and sizes, window sheers also give homeowners a chance to add a pop of personality to any space.

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All of our interior window shutters can be custom-fitted for your home or commercial building. Finding your favorite style and adding your flair to a room has never been easier. Choose from full-height, cafe-style, solid, slatted or more, all easily customizable for those hard-to-fill spaces. From triangles to arches, and every shape between, the team at Best Blinds is able to find the right shutter for your window.


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